"I’m going to be honest, I was a bit nervous about placenta encapsulation. I saw an ad for Bloom on Facebook talking about the benefits and possibilities that come from placenta encapsulation. I debated for a couple days then finally decided I was gonna send an email and get more info. 

Shannon emailed be back quickly and called me the next day. She was able to address all my questions and concerns in a single call. She helped me understand the whole process on her end and what I needed to do on my end. Shannon even delivered a placenta cooler to my place of work for me to use in transporting my placenta after delivery. 

Now, the baby is on the way and I text Shannon to let her know. I inform my nurse I want my placenta. I was GBS+. The nurse informed me that do to the fact that I was GBS+ they would not be releasing my placenta to me. I immediately text Shannon, who goes above and beyond, contacting the hospital to get me everything I need to make sure I get my placenta. And we got it!! 

She picked it up the following morning, I had baby shortly before midnight, and brought me back my capsules the next day. I started taking them immediately. Now this was my fourth baby and the first time I’d ever done encapsulation so I can tell you that I recovered a lot quicker. I was up and moving within a short time, and didn’t feel the need to lay around. I had energy I wasn’t used to having right after a baby. My emotions and my body didn’t have the chaotic time period that comes after child birth. Everything was a smooth transition. 

My husband recently asked if I’d do placenta encapsulation again with our next baby. It’s a definite yes. He stated that he, himself, noticed so many differences in my recovery with the capsules and my last recovery without them. He was a skeptic when I first told him what I wanted, but now he has seen and understands the amazing things that came from a part of me that would have normally been thrown away. 

Shannon at Bloom is life changing! She took the time to educate me, and went above and beyond to help me get what I needed for me and my Postpartum recovery. I am so grateful for her and the experience I had. 

Thank you Shannon! 

-Allison B 


I'm absolutely beyond happy with using the encapsulation placenta pills. I just had my second child two weeks ago this coming up Tuesday. It has been so, so much easier the second time around. With my first I had a boy and it was the worse recovery ever. My milk supply wasn't strong, and went away really quick. I also had horrible post partum depression, very bad negative thoughts. I got on meds and that only did so much. Now fast forward to now, my milk supply has been insanely impressive to say the least. My depression is no where in sight. I'm happier then I ever thought I could be after having a baby. I have so much energy and I 100% want to say it is the pills that help me. 
Shannon & Jen, I literally can not thank these ladies enough for making this the best experience. Super professional, picked up the placenta when they said they would and got the pills back to me before I left the hospital. I felt so welcomed around them. Any question(s) I had they would answer them with no judgement, and be completely honest. Plus they are the sweetest ladies ever. They actually care about the women that are looking into stuff like this, they want to make it the best experience and make it as easy as can be for momma. This is definitely something I will recommend to any momma. It helped me, tremendously.




I had my sweet baby girl on February 1, 2019 and due to being induced on such a short notice, I was already so stressed out and anxious. I found myself crying nonstop the day before my induction, and I just knew I would suffer from postpartum blues and possibly postpartum depression. Having suffered from depression in my past, I was worried for my myself and my new little family. I reached out to Bloom about placenta encapsulation and the women I spoke to were both so kind and supportive. They did not try pressuring me into doing anything. Instead, they simply spoke to me like a friend and explained how placenta encapsulation works. I had heard about all the benefits before, but I was mostly interested in having it done for myself due to the postpartum depression that was likely to come. The day I had my daughter, one of the women came to the hospital and picked up my placenta, which I  simply stored in a cooler, and she was so sweet. It was the very next day that she delivered my capsules to me, and she explained how and when to take them, gave me a little goody bag with pamphlets and chapstick, etc. I started the pills the following day and immediately felt better. I was able to take a short shower, go to the bathroom alone, and walk a little more. I also noticed a decrease in my bleeding a couple days later. Once I got home and my milk came in, I pumped 3 ounces for my first pump!! I was so excited! Now that I've been taking the pills for a week, I am pumping 8-9 ounces each pump in just 10 minutes, feeling more like myself, and I'm not feeling the postpartum blues as bad as I was the day we arrived home. I had my placenta encapsulated to prevent postpartum depression, but I'm so thankful that all these other wonderful benefits came with it! I had no idea a few pills a day would make me feel so great! I recommended these for every woman.


- Brittany 

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